Why judi bloom here?

My name is Judi and the name Judi Bloom is a play on words on the name of one of my favorite authors as a child, Judy Blume.   My blog name is a tribute to her because although I am currently working in the medical field, I also have always loved writing when I was in school and just for fun.  I believe that just because you’re doing one thing in life doesn’t mean you have to forget about your other passions or that you can’t make changes to live a more fulfilling life for yourself.  This is my tribute to anybody who is on the path of discovering what most fills their soul.  


The “here” in Judi Bloom Here is another play on words.  It can be read as a “Hi, I’m Judi Bloom here!” as in me introducing myself to you all and being able to share parts of me and my growth process through my blog.  But, conversely, it can also be read as “Bloom Here”  because although this is my personal growth blog, I hope that you find the inspiration and drive to be able to continue to blossom in your own journey as well.  Allow yourself to bloom here.


I will always try to be real with you guys about my own journey and to talk about topics that I’m also still learning about and to share about experiences that have helped me.  If you ever have questions for me, please feel free to ask me!  If you’ve experienced something similar and would love to share, please leave a comment because I’d love to hear about your experiences too! 


Let's work together!  If you have a topic that you feel is important for people to know and learn about, please reach out to me through my Contact Page  and we can discuss a collaboration on a blogpost.  I would love to help you find your voice about things that matter and that you think people should be more aware about.  I’d be happiest to work on projects like that together!  Bloom with me. 

Love 🌻,

Judi Bloom