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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

“No person is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow” - Alice Walker, the first African American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Allow what she says to ruminate for a moment. A friend wouldn't deny your right to grow 🌻 So what kind of friend would you say that you are during the Black Lives Matter movement?

In light of that question, I have seen something really beautiful on social media of all places. People from all over the nation and even across the globe are showing what it means to be an ally and to break the silence. They are sharing resources and information, and showing their support for the Black community and Black Lives Matter movement. 2020 has been quite a hectic, uncertain and scary year to say the least, but here we are, coming together to rally for change. For me Instagram has been a space that has provided an outlet and a supportive community, but I have never seen it quite like this before. I know that many people are sharing their knowledge on their Instagram stories, which is such a great utilization of social media in order for many people to see your message quickly! However, unless you save it to your highlights, the stories only last for 24 hours. I wanted to create a post that you can continue to access with easily clickable links as well as a step by step how-to on ways that we can get involved.

Here is a list of things (1-7) you can do to support for FREE, which only takes as little as seconds to minutes to complete:

1. Email your mayor to adopt 8 policies that will keep the people safe and police officers accountable. #8CANTWAIT 📧

create template


  • click the create template link above

  • read about the 8 diff policies

  • select your city in the drop down

  • displayed are the policies currently being considered or that have already been adopted!

  • under “contact you mayor/sheriff” click “send email”

  • a template will be generated for you to send to your mayor

2. Send a text message to the Resistbot to sign petitions! 🤖


*data and msg rates may apply*

  • save the number 50409

  • text "SEUDKP" to sign the "Ending Qualified Immunity Act" - essentially stopping officers from being protected when they act above the law and violate our constitutional rights. read more here

  • if you are from New York text "RISTUS" to repeal 50-a and hold police officers accountable for their actions OR if you're from any other state text "YWNDTO" to sign "Move to End Police Brutality"

  • Resistbot will ask for your name, address (to see which area you are from - if you are elligible to sign & and which mayor represents you), and email.

  • after texting your info, it send you a sample of how the petition looks like, what it is about, and will confirm that you want to sign

3. Take a few seconds to sign these petitions on 🖊


  • all it asks for is your name, zip code, and email

  • won’t cost you a dime, but instead you can share a link to the petition instead

  • click the links below to read the stories behind each petition

  • sign whichever petition speaks to you

  • feel free to sign other petitions that you feel strongly for on the website

link to petitions

Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Justice for Elijah McClain

Justice for Darren Rainey

Police Accountability Act of 2020

Ban the use of rubber bullets for crowd control

We want a police reform bill

Federally Required IAT and Psychological Screenings for Police Officer Employment

Hands Up Act

more petitions here

^ Thank you to @dehyedration on twitter for creating and continuously updating a resource with clickable links to petitions as well as other ways you can help. Find them here.

4. Register to vote 🗳

Please don’t think, ohhhh why bother, other people will go vote, so I don’t have to! NO HUNNIE! If everyone thought the same way and was lazy or nonchalant about it, we really aren't going to be able to get ANYWHERE. Do you want a change or NAH?? Well, here's your chance.


  • if you haven't already, please register here

  • make an effort to DO 👏🏼YOUR 👏🏼 RESEARCH on WHO and WHAT policies are on the ballot in order to make the best choices that will impact your community. My sister and I like the mail in ballots for this reason, so we can thoroughly research everything we need to at home before dropping our ballots off.

  • Mark your calendars, the next federal election is on November 3, 2020

  • Show up and VOTE

5. Watch a YouTube videos where the ad profits are 100% donated to charity:

If you enjoy watching mukbangs, your views will allow you to donate to the BLM movement for the FREE BISS *Stephanie Soo voice*! 🐷🍴 She also talks about racial injustices within our justice system that Black people face within the 3 videos that I have linked below.


  • click on the links below to watch

  • Stephanie Soo will donate 100% of ad revenue which will be distributed to:

  • Black Lives Matter Movement & Cause:

  • & Minnesota Freedom Fund:

  • & to other organizations supporting the BLM movement since many of these orgs are reaching capacity from donations WOO-HOO~

  • I'm not sure if you are allowed to skip the ad in order for her to collect the $ from the views, but for safe measure, I made sure to watch all of the ads until the end

Stephanie Soo video links

In-N-Out Mukbang 🍔

Thai Food Mukbang 🌶

Fried Spam + Ramen Mukbang 🍜

Listen to the hip hop music. Each view = one donation and the longer you watch the more your donation goes up:

Black Lives Matter playlist on YouTube 🎧

Like DIYs? This YouTuber is donating her ad proceeds from this video below. She creates, scrunchies, stickers and jazzes up some barettes

aesthetic diys w stuff u have at home (proceeds donated to BLM) | JENerationDIY ✂️

Thrift flip video by Bestdressed on Youtube. Love that she lists some organizations that were new to me such as the Equal Justice Initiative and Innocence Project as well as educational resouces. Check out the description part of her video for all of the links!

THRIFT FLIP ft. my quarantine insanity 👗



  • name your interests (i.e. mine could be yoga, meditation, zero-waste, minimalism, fashion, travel)

  • diversify who you are getting your knowledge from

  • discover Black people who may share those similiar interests, who you can learn something from, relate to and look up to

  • follow along on their social media, websites, blogs, YouTube channels, etc.

  • Ex. If I am on Youtube, and I am looking up a yoga video, it’s easy to click whatever video pops up first when you do a search. But how about instead, I try to actively look for a Black yoga teacher? In doing so, you are giving them an equal opportunity to flourish and to share their passion. Maybe just maybe you could be making their day brighter by showing some love and support.

(I have been using the Insight Timer app to listen to meditation practices and they have a section to support and follow teachers of color 💖)

7. Check in on your Black friends and colleagues around you.

Their answers might sadden you and although you won’t fully understand their struggle, you can show that you are here for them and that you stand with them. When I approached a colleague of mine to see if she wanted to talk about how she was feeling, she replied with “watching the news makes me cry, we have been fighting for the same thing for HUNDREDS of years.” She's much older than me and has lived through more. I could only imagine the struggles she had experienced in life as a Black woman and to this day to still have those same feelings. The colleagues that I checked up on seemed genuinely tired of it all and my heart felt sadness not being able to immediately make them feel better, but at least to let them know that I care for them. It makes me want to push harder in this fight against racial inequality for them.

On Instagram, there was a post called 7 Mental Health Resources for Black People Right Now created by Jesse Sparks. I'll link it below for anyone who may need it

🌛 link here 🌞

Here's also the link to my post called Create Your Own Mental Health Toolbox

For both Black friends and allies alike, please make sure you are taking care of yourself <3

The following tips (8 & 9) are for if you have a lil extra $ to spend

8. This one's for my shoppers out there 🛍

tip: If you have the money to spend, research the companies whom you are buying from.

  • Who are the owners? Support Black owned businesses.

  • Support businesses that are all inclusive (made for everyone in mind 💗 and not just one skin tone, or one size), non-discriminatory (they HIRE people from all races and backgrounds), and that are supporting a good cause (see where they stand when it comes to ending the racial injustice in America).

Black owned businesses that are all inclusive and made to be wearable for all skintones/people YASS:

mented cosmetics - I love that they couldn't find a nude lipstick that matched their skin tone so they MADE one and that became one of their first products!

ooo polishes - vegan AND hand made. The nail polish colors are gorgeous! They have polishes that are brown skin inspired and inclusive inspired.

wrap life - best believe I'm on the email me when restocked for the headband made of recycled cotton fibers! Also heart eyes for all of their Black models! So stunning 😍

Businesses that are donating 100% of their proceeds to support the Black communuty:

cocokind - donating 100% of their proceeds for the month of June to a different organization each day. Both men and women alike can find some skin care products here! & what's really awesome too is that they post on their product description, how to properly recylce their containers -today (6/7/20) all proceeds are being donated to The Loveland Foundation

tumbleweed floral truck - today is the last day (6/7/20)!!! If you love dried flowers and PAMPAS grass, 100% of their proceeds will go to the Groundswell Fund


I wanted to take a moment to shout out The Loveland Foundation because I 💖what they're all about.

Your donation will help to provide free therapy to Black women and girls. If you gather up 6 friends and donate $20 each, your group's contribution can pay for 1 session of therapy.

Give the gift of therapy and healing.

When I was going through a difficult period of time during college, I had a professor who saved me. She was the one who had paid for my first therapy session to get me on track to have the help that I needed to make it through. It was fairly expensive and I told her that I was going to pay her back, but instead she told me to pay it forward to someone in need. Since then, I haven’t exactly found a way to pay forward her kindness in the way that she moved me. When I heard about this foundation, I knew in my heart that this was it. To be able to provide even just the first therapy session for someone in need of it and especially a Black woman or child during such a difficult time in their lives is something that I knew I wanted to do for someone else.

We talked about ways that you can show your support for the movement through texting, emailing, signing petitions, supporting businesses, and donating, but what are ways that we can strive for change in our day to day life -- in our attitude, in our thoughts, in our conversations, and in how we treat our Black brothers and sisters?

Show MORE compassion, kindness, and empathy.

UNLEARN hurtful behaviors and LEARN to see things from another point of view.

Look inward and ask yourself “when have I made mistakes where I was insensitive and could have shown more compassion? How can I be better from the past?”

Challenge other people's ways of thinking to become more open minded especially if they say hurtful, racist and or sterotypical things against Black people.

Embrace those who are different from you.

Uplift others and show support in what ways you can.

Actually listen and be less judgemental. Don't make everything about you.

Reach out and don’t wait to check up on someone.

Put in the effort by educating ourselves, doing our own research, and dedicating our time.

Stand up FOR those who need our help and stand up AGAINST oppression, racism, inequality and injustice. Don't just sit there.


I have been trying to listen, learn, and reflect on what I need to do and what is needed from me from my Black friends and colleagues. Every day has been a learning lesson of how we as Non-Black people can spread awareness, be supportive, and show up for the Black community. Black individuals have been speaking out and calling us to action. And seeing what has been accomplished in a weeks time because of everyones effort and dedication to the BLM movement leaves me speechless at the power of our voices and our actions. Let's CONTINUE TO SHOW ALLYSHIP and fight alongside the Black community because they shouldn’t have to keep on fighting for basic human rights and to feel like their lives don’t matter. As allies, let's proclaim WHY Black Lives Matter and continue to push forward, not back. Let this be a time for true change.

Black Lives Matter ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Spread love and kindness always,

Judi Bloom 🌻

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