Inspirational Black YouTubers

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

As I am beginning my journey towards imperfect zero-waste, attempting to eat less meat, and dipping my feet into the world of minimalism, it is a MUST that I shout out influential and inspirational Black YouTubers whose videos have given me so much information, direction, insight, and guidance that can make the transition into these lifestyles so much easier. I also adore their individual personalities. Ariane also known as ABETWEENE on YouTube is such a creative and artistic soul. She is the epitome of self care and creating a space for yourself that is soothing to be in. Ronald L. Banks is so deep with his thoughts and purposeful in his ways of why he has chosen minimalism. The way he speaks is so poetic and brings you a sense of calm. And Joyce Louis Jean from Buzzfeed! She is such a down-to-earth, real, and af cool chick! She shows you that you don’t have to be perfect in incorporating zero-waste into your daily life, but trying your best to do what you can is still making a difference!

Minimalism, Veganism, Sustainability. Though these are all seemingly different lifestyle choices, they are directly related to each other in that they’re great for the earth and your own well-being <3 Check out their channels to see why these people are the real deal and awesome people to support.


aka ABETWEENE on YouTube

Vegan, plant mom, DIYer, and literally everything in between just like her handle says.

Recently I have been really interested in downsizing my living space and originally discovered her channel after seeing her videos on home decor particularly for a smaller space and a more minimalist style. I ended up finding even more useful videos from her channel to achieve the lifestyle that I want to live such as videos on sustainability, house plant life, and veganism (my family has been doing meatless Mondays and she shares so many yummy recipes). She’s got you covered on these topics and then some!

I have linked some of her videos for y’all to go watch:

DIY bedroom furniture video for a studio apt

What I eat in a week - vegan

Sustainable life hacks

Plant basics, how to propagate, how to grow an avocado seed

She also has videos on

DIY salon treatments, skincare, hair removal, and nail care. What can’t this woman do?!

Her YouTube channel

Her Instagram

Ronald L. Banks

Minimalism, lifestyle, and self-growth videos on YouTube, writer.

He holds deep conversations about what minimalism can do for your life and what it has done to improve his. I am always learning a new outlook from his videos. The conversations that he evokes are all eye-opening and could improve how you’re currently living. Minimalism is more than just having less things, it’s to live simply, but purposefully. I love playing his videos in the background when I’m working out to give me something to think about.

Here are the links to some of his videos that I have found helpful in my own life:

15 ways to simplify your life

10 daily habits that have changed and shaped my life (habit building)

In case you’re feeling behind in life

His channel

His Instagram

Joyce Louis Jean

Buzzfeed Sustainability

She keeps it real in showing us you don’t need to be perfect to have a zero-waste lifestyle, but to start making small changes. Love all of her and Auri’s videos on the Buzzfeed channel. She’s super funny and 100% relatable as a millennial trying to make sustainable changes in a consumer society where we waste so much single use plastic!

I tried zero-waste skincare for a week

I tried to make zero trash for 24 hours

We tried to go clubbing without making waste LOL this one’s a good one & so quotable bc of Joyce lolol!

For more of her zero-waste videos just search “buzzfeed with Joyce” on YouTube

Her personal YouTube channel

Her IG

Let's continue to support the Black community ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿and their craft. I hope you all enjoyed their videos as much as I have and maybe even learned something new from them 💛 Please feel free to share Black Youtubers that you follow so that we all can check out their pages and show love & support too! ✌🏼

Spreading love like peanut butta,

Judi Bloom 🌼