She KOOSHOOts, She Scores!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I forsure scored by finding these plastic-free, biodegradable scrunchies during #plasticfreejuly


I ordered the Organic Cotton Scrunchies - Gold Sand ☀️

I paid $20, but with my

code: THANKSJUDIBLOOMHERE, you can get 20% off of your purchase from now until August 10th, 2020 on the KOOSHOO website and their Etsy shop :D YAY

Main website

Etsy shop

I didn’t mind paying more for these scrunchies knowing the amount of effort that was put in to create a sustainable, unique product as well as all of the ethical certifications that KOOSHOO holds certifying that they are doing everything they can to take care of the planet and people! 🌍🌼🌼🌼

I think I’m going to go back to their Etsy site to purchase the neutral color hairties here.

Photo of products from KOOSHOO Etsy Shop

Isn't the first one so cute?! Or maybe in the black?? Help me decide pls 🙈 HAAALP!

So why am I obsessing over KOOSHOO??

I mean besides the fact that their scrunchies


so ☁️FLUFFY☁️,

amazing quality,


the perfect color combos?!

Here are my 11 reasons (not just b/c it's my lucky number, but b/c I fr couldn't just stop at 10) to shop from KOOSHOO and also some sustainable certifications/terminology to know when trying to shop ethically (:0

*They’re all great reasons, but #7 is my favorite btw! My little heart couldn’t handle! 💛*

  1. The cotton used in their scrunchies are FAIR Trade certified - a certification given to companies that are responsible about taking care of their employees, of the environment, and of the community. A triple threat in certifications if you ask me. And their cotton is also GOTS certified - meaning that all fibers used are at minimum 70% organic and that they have passed a toxicological and environmental inspection.

  2. The rubber used for their elastics are Fair Rubber Trade Association certified - which must be rubber that is made naturally and whose production provides workers with improved working and living conditions.

  3. The dye used for their fabrics are also GOTS & OEKO-TEX certified organic dyes - which have all been tested for harmful substances. Also KOOSHOO makes sure that all of their products are hand or block dyed to support textile artists.

  4. 100% plastic free - even their packaging was plastic free! No plastic twist tie attaching the scrunchies to the cardboard. And the cardboard is made of 100% recycled paper.

  5. Biodegradable - I know it’s not going to biodegrade overnight, but I do have peace of mind that if I lose one of their hair ties or scrunchies that it will eventually return to the earth and not remain for thousands of years. According to EDGE Fashion Intellect, 100% cotton can take anywhere from a week to 5 months to decompose!

  6. The cotton that they use is organic, which is betta because A. inorganic cotton uses pesticides and B. also uses more water.

  7. They work with manufacturing partners who are also Fair Trade and GOTS certified such as the social good cut and sew facility in India run by nuns! I know there are many benefits to producing locally, but I LOVE this partnership that they have in India because of what this facility does and stands for. By KOOSHOO partnering with them, they are supporting them in the causes that they believe in. The cotton at the cut and sew in India is organically grown without pesticides AND they have used their profits to fund a cancer treatment center, an HIV treatment clinic, a leprosy care facility in the area, and on top of that they have provided vocational work training to women with disabilities. UGH, my HEART <3 Read the full blogpost on KOOSHOO's blog here.

  8. THEY SUPPORT FAIR WAGES!! With what we are hearing the #PAYUP movement for garment workers in Bangladesh who have NOT been paid for their work, you can’t help but think what other companies are not paying their employees and not looking out for their employee's safety and livelihood either? This to me is KEY! You can learn more about the PAYUP movement in the hyperlink and feel free to sign the petition there too. @nabela on instagram has been an amazing resource on bringing light to this subject.

  9. They use solar power in their factories! I feel like they every sustainability box CHECKED! See the benefits of solar power here.

  10. In addition to their shop, they also have a blog, which I have enjoyed reading thus far. It's called The Feel Good Daily, where they bring to light a lot of important topics. Additionally, if you’d like to see how they styled these scrunchies at KOOSHOO, check out their blog post, 8 Ways to Wear Your Scrunchies!

  11. Because I have a code for 20% off of their main website & ETSY shop for one month only from July 11th - August 10th, 2020! :) Use: THANKSJUDIBLOOMHERE

If you are able to, 🎀 shop sustainably & ethically 🛍 We can all be a little more mindful about the purchases we make and the companies that we support. I know it can be difficult because sometimes the companies who provide a fair wage to their employees and who can create a quality product out of sustainable processes and materials, do have higher prices. And that might make their product not attainable for all. That’s where I feel torn and why I believe that environmental change needs to happen not just from the individual, but from corporations, the government, etc to make sustainability accessible for all. Shopping for and using sustainable items is just one thing that you can do to lessen your carbon footprint but there are so many other ways you can make a difference. You can check out’s list of ideas here. For me because I love fashion, I wanted to see how I could be more sustainable in that aspect of my life without completely eliminating something that I love. You’ll see what works best for you and aligns best with your values (:

The first step for me is to be more aware when I am shopping from a company, to question what their agenda really is. I am inspired by companies like KOOSHOO who are turning away from fast fashion and are creating a less harmful production process that doesn’t cost the integrity of working conditions for their employees or the quality of a product.

Peace & planet love 💗,

Judi Bloom 🌷


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