Macramakin' Me Crazy Over Hemp

I’m happy to say that I have become an affiliate partner with EarthHero, which is a one stop online shop for your sustainable needs. I wanted to share with you guys some fun macrame crafting ideas that you could make for yourself or as a homemade gift for someone 💝 These art projects can be created using today's 🔑sustainable key items 🔑from EarthHero made from HEMP! *This page does contain affiliate links, where I do make a modest lil percentage from your purchase if you decide to shop using my code: judibloomhere to save 10%* (:

Thank you for showing me support & showing support for EarthHero's mission. Read more about their story here.

Reasons we dig hemp:

  • Compared to cotton, hemp takes about 60 days to grow whereas cotton can take up to 180 days.

  • In a study conducted by the Stockholm Environmental Institute (a nonprofit that researches environmental issues), they found that it took about 2,642 gallons of water to produce 2 pounds of cotton vs. about 133 gallons of water to grow 2 pounds of hemp.

  • 1 hemp plants will make about 220% more fiber than a cotton plant.

  • Hemp is more durable than cotton as its fibers are coarser and stronger in nature.

  • Hemp naturally has antibacterial properties and is naturally pesticidal.

  • All natural hemp is biodegradable.

Today I'll be featuring 2 hemp products from EarthHero: the Hemptique Gardening Hemp Cord Ball, which is a thicker cord that comes in more natural colors and then the regular Hemptique Hemp Cord Ball, which is much thinner and comes in 13 different colors!

I'll also be linking products from Etsy that can be used to help complete the project(s)! BTW, both EarthHero & Etsy offset their carbon emissions generated from shipping :D

& read till the end to learn about Wrappily's eco-friendly wrapping paper!

EARTHHERO product #1: 1/8 in (3.175 mm) thick Hemptique Gardening Hemp Cord Ball

comes in 2 lengths:

*depending on how many projects you wanna make! :)

hemp sustainability factor for this product: hemp is an all natural & biodegradable material 💝

crafting projects A - F using this gardening hemp cord:

A. Macrame mason jars and plant hangers. I love these simple macrame project tutorials from Karen of Decor Hint!

Using the Hemptique gardening cord ball, you can create her macrame mason jars or her dreamy 5 min macrame jar hanger. I think it’d be super cute to add some wooden beads above each knot. I found these natural unfinished wood beads being sold by TheBeadedBead on Etsy. In her original creations, Karen places little tea light candles in them, but another cool alternative would be to propagate your plants in your new glammed out mason jars! You can also take the opportunity to use old vases, pots, and other containers to give new life to with her tutorial. For her plant hangers, I’m o b s e s s e d with how she displays them in a tree. How pretty to be underneath a tree with those macrame plant hanger lights while having dinner. Dreamy was right!

gorgeous photo of macrame mason jars from and made by Decor Hint

adorable macrame jar hangers from and made by Decor Hint ↖︎


photo of wooden beads from TheBeadedBead

B. HolmMade Macrame's easy DIY Macrame Keychain Step by Step Tutorial on Youtube!

For the other materials needed, I found these steel keyrings made by LilyD’sCraftSupply from Etsy.


photo of steel keyrings from LilyD'sCraftSupply's Etsy Shop

Also a cute addition would be to add a cute little charm to the last middle knot that you tie such as this wooden monstera leaf charm from SmartParts Etsy shop.


photo of these lovely wood + resin monstera leaves from SmartParts Etsy shop

C. Uninvited Fox's Macrame Yoga Mat Tutorial on Youtube

I recommend watching the video at a reduced speed to follow along (: I liked this one b/c it was a simple minimalist design using the same knot pretty much throughtout the entire strap!

For the wooden rings, I found these ones from MamaFoxStudio on Etsy! How fitting! Tutorial from Univited Fox and rings from MamaFoxStudio. It's a fox thang!


photo of 70 mm (2.76 in) wooden rings from MamaFoxStudio's Etsy

D. CreateWithJenn's Macrame Coaster tutorial on YouTube

E. La Maison Du Macrame's Semi Circular Mini Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

I found some natural 6 in wooden craft dowels from PartySpin on Etsy! Using a walnut stain on these would be gorgeous!


photo of wooden dowels from PartySpin

F. Learn how to make a Macrame Feather with Lots of Knot's Canada's DIY Macrame 3 Feather Wall Hanging Tutorial on YouTube

You would just need to find a piece of driftwood out in nature for this! 🍃

EARTHHERO product #2: 1 mm thick HEMPTIQUE Hemp Cord Ball (much thinner than product #1 - this one's about x3 thinner)

comes in 1 length:

  • 400 ft (2400 inches) for $7.99

  • but comes in a variety of 13 different colors!

  • so pretty for making jewelry!

Photos of my fav colors of the hemp cord from Hemptique on EarthHero.

Colors clockwise: earthy, black, white, & lemonade.

With this product, can we take it back one time to grade school & make FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS?!

A. Kawaii Studio's DIY Friendship Bracelets

Love this tutorial b/c the bracelet is so dainty and you can add a cute charm in the center.

Here are some cute charms I found on Etsy! I would suggest using gold-filled charms that are made to last (: Just make sure for this project that you search for "open charm" (such as the heart charm example down below) or "connector charm" meaning that the charm has a loop on either side that you can attach your hemp strings onto.

  1. VermeilSupplies 14k gold filled crescent moon 🌙

  2. VermeilSupplies 14k gold filled opal drop connector 💍

  3. HouseOfGemsInc 14k gold filled wire heart charm 💗

If you'd like to gift any of your hemp macrame creations, EarthHero also has some sustainable options for cards & giftwrap! Also might I suggest to use your leftover hemp as ribbon 🎀

Check out the reversable giftwrap sheets printed on recycled newspaper with soy based inks by Wrappily!

You get a 3 pack of 21.5 x 34 inch sheets for $9.99

How CUTE are these prints?!

hawaiian pineapple recycled gift paper

tropical leaves recycled gift paper

Sustainability and making small changes can be incorporated in all parts of your life even in crafting and gift giving if you want to! You can create a gift using a sustainable material and use eco-friendly wrapper so that the earth can live Wrappily ever after (0:

Happy crafting my loves,

Judi Bloom ✂️💕

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