YOGA'T to Try These NamaSTAY at Home Certified Yoga Videos!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

For all of your different yoga needs, I GOTCHU! And best of all, you can do these in your pjs, in the comfort of your own home, with limited space, with limited time, and even in your own comfy bed! These are my fav YouTube Yogis/videos that have been a godsend for me. I hope you enjoy their videos as much as I do. And if you do enjoy their yoga sessions too, show them some love on their YouTube channels 💗

1. Seated yoga for aches and pains 💆🏻

  • simple, slow paced & effective + entire yoga practice is seated!!

  • I love to do this particular routine after work to relieve tension in my problem areas: neck, shoulders, upper, and lower back. It does wonders for me & I swear by it!

  • My go-to after a long day. IDK how many times I've done THIS particular video!

2. If you have limited space, try this office yoga routine 🖥

  • This routine is NOT limited to just the office folks! I often search "office yoga" when I have limited space to practice.

  • When I went to Austin, TX my best friend was already sleeping in the room & I didn’t want to disturb her. I literally did this routine inside our Airbnb bathroom bwahaha

  • I found a comment on this video that made me smile from a police officer saying that they did this video in full uniform! Goes to show that you can do this in whatever you're wearing & in whatever place!

3. Bedtime yoga IN BED! 🌙

  • Yoga by Candace on YouTube has multiple videos for yoga in bed! I think I’ve most likely tried them all! I love this series of her practicing yoga during her travels in the different hotels that she’s stayed at!

  • Even when you're on the road, you can still enjoy some yoga!

  • Her videos are a great way to stretch before bed after a long day of work or being out. It really helps get your body loosened up to prepare for some amazing & much needed sleep. I have even fallen asleep WHILE in the middle of her yoga practice because I was that relaxed 😴

4. If you are interested in trying a 30 day 🗓yoga challenge, Yoga With Adriene is your gal!

  • This particular video is Day 0 of her Home 30 Day Challenge.

  • Yoga With Adriene has made multiple challenges & what I love about her is that she shows you how you can modify each pose to what’s best for your own body.

  • Her videos are perfect for beginners & it’s a great way to get your body moving every day.

  • I always feel really happy after completing one of her videos. My mind & body feel at such ease afterwards. She usually incorporates a lesson to be learned or an intention for the day. It’s yoga, meditation, and mindfulness all in one!

  • Also how cute is her pup, Benji?! He often makes a cameo in her videos 😍


So right now, I know we're currently quarantined, but save these in your back pocket for when times are safer to go outside and enjoy some fresh air again! In the meantime, you can try the quarantine versions in purple!

a) Rooftop yoga: yoga with a view of the city. I was able to try a class that I found on Groupon for LA. I love looking at Groupon for different experiences that you can try.

Quarantine version: yoga in your backyard or patio area

b) Goat/dog yoga: yoga with therapy animals. I took a class through Laugh Frog Yoga in LA!

Quarantine version: yoga with your pet! My dog Momo goes onto my yoga mat regardless of being invited to the day's yoga session, so we're already bout this in my household lol!!

c) Beach yoga: getting connected with the outdoors. Google & see which outdoor classes are offered in your city. Some people offer classes that are free, but a donation is happily accepted.

Quarantine version: Missing the sound of those ocean wave? Play sounds in the background of your yoga practice that relax you! i.e. beach waves + maybe if you're a lil extra, you can have a video of waves crashing by the pier like at Hollister stores. You can have that playing on a separate screen 😂 Other relaxing options could be playing meditation music in the background or as my sister suggested recently, SWAMP MUSIC for that Shrek vibe HAHA

Whatever your yoga needs may be, there surely is a video out there for you! It's all about finding a practice that fits your needs and fills your soul 🙏🏼 So YES, we can namaSTAY at home and still get our yoga on! Don't forget to fill your cup and take moments like this for yourself.

🍃 A lesson that I've taken from yoga practice is to remember to reset and breathe. 🍃

From my home to yours let's chaturanga & chill,

Judi Bloom 🌼

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