Zero (Waste) My Hero(es)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Here are my top 5 empowering female environmentalist favs!

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🌼 Kathryn Kellog at 🌼

A holistic approach to going zero-waste. “It’s not about perfection; it’s about making better choices.” - Kathyrn Kellog

In starting my own blog with the purpose of taking better care of both ourselves and the planet, I wholeheartedly agree with and appreciate her more holistic approach in that she believes that her own health and wellness tie in with the wellness of the planet. As we and the planet are interconnected, she believes that both environmental and social issues go hand in hand as well. I FEEL ALL OF THAT girl!! Read her story about the start of her own journey here.

One of her pieces that I wanted to share is: 50 Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands. FIFTY Y’ALL! It must have taken so much time and effort to put this together. As I’m looking for some new organic cotton tees to sleep in (instead of my ratty pantulog - pjs in Tagalog), I’ll definitely be looking for where to buy them from the shops on her list!

She also helps beginners get started on their journey, linked here: Zero Waste for Beginners.

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🌸 Celia at 🌸

Finding eco-friendly stores and composting sites in your city in order to go zero-waste “imperfectly and joyfully.” "You don't have to be perfect, you just have to begin." - Celia

Litterless is such an amazing resource featuring both a “where to compost," and “where to zero-waste grocery shop” in your respective area (these guides show places here in the U.S.). I am amazed that she was able to share the locations of stores that support this zero-waste lifestyle ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Wow~ and of course I had to check out the refill store which she wrote about here in San Diego! She also has a “where to bulk online shop” to be able to shop for zero-waste alternatives from wherever you are!

No matter where you are located, her blog can get you started on an eco-friendly path (:

She no longer writes new blog posts, but her legacy continues on as she continually updates her compost drop off and zero-waste grocery lists weekly with the help from her readers who let her know of any new info they've come across.

You can also still read her blog posts from the archive (i.e interesting topics such as creating your own diy tea blends and zero waste weekly planners).

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🌊 Lauren Ritchie at 🌊

To gain some background knowledge on various environmental issues: climate change, eco-facism & fast fashion to name a few.

" is essential to recognize the potential harm and divisiveness of our narratives that humans are “trash” and that the planet would be much better off without us. Instead of using COVID-19 as a means to encourage the minimization of human populations for the sake of the planet, focus those efforts for optimism onto what COVD-19 teaches about the possibility of mobilization and large-scale change for future climate efforts. Let COVID-19 spark the hope that society will be able to learn from this, grow from this, and rebuild as a global community." - Lauren Ritchie

She is an 18 y.o. from the Bahamas who is studying sustainable development and political science at Columbia University and WOW she knows her stuff. I wanted to shout her out because she brings a teaching aspect to the table. For some, topics of how our actions and mindset affect climate change are things that we may not fully have the background knowledge on or is a topic where we turn the other cheek because we think it may not pertain to us. She brings these issues to light and shows us why we should definitely give an eff about it! Knowledge is power and you can for sure learn something new and maybe even have a change of heart about caring about the planet from reading this young lady’s blog. What’s also awesome about her page is that there is a translate button, where you can translate her posts into your native language (:

Check out her latest posts here.

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♻️ Lauren Singer at ♻️

How to integrate zero-waste into your daily life. “Small steps lead to big changes. I tried for an entire year to use plastic free items and succeeded” - Lauren Singer

This is the woman who became known on the internet for only having one mason jar worth of trash, which was collected over the span of THREE years time. ONLY a mason jar people! She gives a great tip that if you are just beginning on your zero-waste journey and are trying to figure out what exactly you can cut back on/what it is you can throw out less of, look no further than your own trash bin & see what you toss out the most! From there you can see where you need to make a change.

On her blog, she has links to her zero-waste shop, informative videos as well as her blog posts regarding how you can incorporate this lifestyle in your daily life. Suggestions for topics to search up within her blog posts are:









One blog post that I found really fun was how to make zero-waste dog treats for your furry bestie!

There was also this one about how you can recycle old clothing.

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🌍 Leah Thomas at & 🌍

Breaking down the walls of environmental racism and working towards intersectionality and inclusivity. She defines intersectional environmentalism as:

“an inclusive version of environmentalism that advocates for both the protection of people and the planet. It identifies the ways in which injustices happening to marginalized communities and the earth are interconnected. It brings injustices done to the most vulnerable communities, and the earth, to the forefront and does not minimize or silence social inequality. Intersectional environmentalism advocates for justice for people + the planet.”

She is the founder of Intersectional Environmentalist whose goal is to “dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement.”

I am now learning how different communities are affected differently such as how Black and brown communities and those living in poverty may suffer more from the impact of climate change than their white counterparts. She is an amazing resource to learn more about this issue.

She has even created a council including representation of people from all different walks of life so you can feel like no matter who you are, you have someone advocating for you. You can see her original post with all the council members, whose pages you can check out here.

I appreciate her inclusivity in her work that she wants to move towards a greener world for everyone!

On top of what she is doing with her blog space and for the Intersectional Environmentalist, she ALSO writes for The Good Trade, where I get a lot of my information on sustainability from! Read her piece titled, Intersectional Environmentalism: Why Environmental Justice Is Essential For A Sustainable Future.

Zero my hero?? More like these five phenomenal women are! I'm all for women empowering women and that's exactly what they're been able to do for me. To empower me to create an impact of my own and to continue to spread knowledge.

Happy reading & discovering y'all,

Judi Bloom 🤓 📖 🌻


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